For an Imaginary Page is a method of engaging with online content that applies fiction 


was an online commision for Editorial Concreta and curated by Jorge Van den Eynde. In this project I use algorithms as a narrative medium to analyse and problematise the consumption of content on social networks. A content dominated by algorithmic structures that prioritize affinities and obsessive attention. Through a writing workshop held on Zoom, in which each participant was invited to write a story based on the first videos that appeared on their TikTok or Instagram Reels feed, the artist has generated a series of clips that convey these fictions back to the digital medium.

Over the next few weeks, on our Instagram, we will present five of them that Davies has produced expressly for Concreta. Each video corresponds to one of the stories made in the workshop, which Davies has illustrated with images and music that resonate or reproduce what each participant originally saw. In turn, each clip is made up of a series of TikTok posts, thus dividing the original story into several fragments. These snippets of fiction will take the journey through the social network, where the algorithm will take them back to other personal feeds.